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June 10, 2012
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Crystal's SS Nuzlocke Set 18: Moves like Jagger by Goddess-Chachi Crystal's SS Nuzlocke Set 18: Moves like Jagger by Goddess-Chachi
:iconchachinuzlockefans: don't forget about the shipping contest~

My traditional 1 am post. :) Lovely.

In which MORE mystery and MORE questioning happens. In other words, I've trolled again. And I'm lovin' it. The mood here flips between dark and light because I'm trying to get back to that lighter part of the plot. Thing is, the story's coming, and shit's about to go the "pointless brightness and stupid sunshine" days are ending. Mighty fast, too.

Vast gets serious here. Well, he's always serious, but now he's a different sort of seriousness. It fits to the plot, don't worry. might want to be a little wary. And please don't ask about the "levitate vs Insomniac" thing. I honestly don't know.
Also Fright's personality is finally coming out. He's...pretty weird :XD:. He and Tepi are gonna have a pretty rocky relationship (not that Vast will mind that). Hopefully, that won't make people hate my little Pidgey, though. He's a nice guy, honest! He's just got some...quirks. ^^;

Unfortunately, nothing severe happens here (except that Ampi fried my catch for Rt. 33...), so until next time. It's been a while since I've done this too...Preview: Another cameo appearance!

Useless Heroine: Crystal
Shy Stalker(s): Ethan & Rilli
The Blind Cowlick Demon: Silver

First: [link]
Previous: [link]
Next: [link]

Pokemon (c) GAMEFREAK, Nintendo, ect.
Artwork, characters (c) :icongoddess-chachi:
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The moment a flying type is asked to solo a bug gym

Is the moment that they cosplay as Sephiroth, blast one-winged angel through rock speakers, and no one bats an ey-hey, a tornado

*gets swept up*
justsomeforeignguy Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You know when Vast gets angry and uses night shade he looks a lot like this guy…
Goddess-Chachi Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol I suppose so, yeah XD
Lol fright is so funny in this one! BUGS....heheheh....Pissed Pissed Pissed 
This is without a doubt one of the nuzlocke with the best character development I've read. Really, I have an exam tomorrow, but I fuckin' want to know what's gonna happen to Vast, now he's definately my favourite character (even though I still have to found someone I don't like <3 )
a dark cloud is starting to appear in our young trainers way
Tis it my imagination or is Vast's outfit a darker shade of purple?
Goddess-Chachi Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
They're inside the cave, so I may have changed the coloring a bit
That might be it.
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