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January 11, 2013
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The first time I saw her, I was entranced by her beauty.

It was not a feeling of lust, but rather an idolization. To me, she was a living, breathing work of art. From afar, only for a small while, I observed her. I watched her subtle movements. I listened to her words. I drank in her colors. And in that moment, I understood clearly what I had not before. This… was a woman.

She was unlike anyone I had ever met in this life or my previous one. Her tongue rolled on and through her words like quirky poetry. It hypnotized me to hear her accent. Immediately, I was drawn in. I had to know her. Study her. Figure out the perfection of artistic vision that shrouded this woman like a delicate lace shawl. So I spoke to her.

It was a very simple introduction. Neither one of us had hands to shake or kiss. I gave her the name bestowed to me by our unifier, the human girl, Crystal, whom we both took a vow to protect. She lowered her head ever so slightly and fluttered her eyelids at me coyly. I was gifted my queen's name.


Like her speech patterns, the name rolled off her tongue like water trickling down a mountain path, like her elongated, scaly frame that ungulates across the surface of the earth. On her tail end, an old pipe cigarette lay curled between the coils of her rattler. She smiled a Mona Lisa smile. It was a sweet vision that lit up her entire face and my soul. I couldn't help but to smile in return.

Over a short period of time, I continued to speak with her, to get to know her. She was as lovely as she appeared: demure and soft. She was never loud like the other members of our party. Being older, she exhibited a mature aura reminiscent of a mother. I felt comfortable with her. She somehow made me feel safe. However, this lovely figure was not without her scars. Love had not been kind to her, she told me. At the time, I'd never experienced love before. I had no way to comfort her in her sadness. She never cried, though.

I must admit that it took no time at all for me to love her. To be honest, I'm not sure when or how it happened. All I know is that my idolization changed. I vowed to make her happy. She too enjoyed my presence. We stayed up long hours talking to one another.  I couldn't bear to divulge my deepest secrets to her, but I shared what I could of my past. I'm certain she's kept things from me as well, but I don't mind. The mystery of her keeps me interested and preserves the idol-like quality to her I'd come to adore.

After only a few days, I asked her to be mine. I promised her happiness. Her Mona Lisa smile spoke agreement to my boast. Our forms differ greatly, but that didn't matter to either of us. I hold fond memories of making love to her.  Physically, offspring were impossible for us, but I'd never given thought to becoming a father. She had, however.

Children. I had not been a happy child in my previous life. However, my experiences over the course of finding my new family had overshadowed my pain. I have forgiven my abusive father. Silphe wanted children. That desire increased drastically after our youngest member died. She was apprehensive of the subject discussion at first, I think, but hearing her desire in her poetic tones… I readily agreed to father a child with her. Fate was on our side. Our human was asked to care for an egg that had been found. We agreed to adopt.

No sooner than my beloved wrapped herself around our new young and lamented her happiness, our daughter was born. Just as beautiful as her mother, I had told Silphe. She was named Tepi. She became our little princess. Everything was perfect. I had love and fulfilled my promise to my beloved. Our daughter was joyous and happy. I should have expected tragedy.

It all happened so fast. I didn't have time to think. One moment, everything is fine, and the next, my world is shattered right before my eyes. Nature took its course. My beloved was speared through, her blood pouring from her limp body like liquid from a shattered glass. Instinctively, I rushed to her. I begged her to stay with me, deploring my love to her—something I had never done—in failed hopes to revive her even though I knew she wouldn't. She couldn't. The damage was too great. I can still feel the gentle caress of her tail as she touched my face and apologized to me. She said she was happy. She told me, for the first and only time, that she loved me. And then she was gone.

My world, for too long, was encased in darkness. She had been my reason, my diary, and my comforter. She was my friend, my beloved… my wife. More than once, I considered allowing myself to die in battle so I could be with her again, but the nightly tears of our child, my daughter, always stopped me. I grew cold and angry. I became to once again feel like I had before my curse was brought upon my being. M power grew with my anger. Then I became terrified. I didn't want to become like the monster that created me. I took a step back to attempt rationalizing.

It took a long time, but I faced my demons one by one. I spoke to our "leader", Chikoru. I owed him more than I could repay; he had been the one to step up and take care of my daughter in my absence. I saw the care in his eyes… he loves her, though he's blind to it. I became…jealous of him. I didn't think it fair for him to be able to enjoy what I had lost.  Still, I trusted him. I restored my relationship with Tepi. She's an angel. I know she was upset with me, but she's chosen to forgive me. I can't express in words how proud I am of her. Eventually, I even saw eye-to-eye with our newest member, Fright. He had never wronged me, but I associated him with my tragedies due to his appearance. That…was wrong of me. He was kind enough to forgive me as well. Soon after, my life started to flow again. I began to move beyond my trauma and tragedy.

Then it struck again.

This time… I was the victim. I don't regret my death, however. Through my sacrifice, I've repaid Chikoru the debt I owed to him for watching over my child. I pray he continues to in my absence. My poor princess is without me, now, but I believe in her strength. She will continue to grow with people who love and cherish her. I only pray that Crystal forgives me of my harsh words with her. She's young and still learning. Whatever her mission be, I believe she shall succeed.

As for me, I ascend onward. Soon, I will be where I've always wanted to be, from the moment I saw it peek at me from between the vividly green grass blades of Route 31. I will reunite with my beloved, my Silphe. And  for eternity, we shall hold each other in love.

Just a piece about Vast reflecting on his life with Silphe. It's supposed to give some insight to Vast's side of the story, and how he viewed his relationship with Silphe. I think it has an air of old fashion-ness to it, but then again, that may be because Vast was very wordy. ^^;

I might do other confessionals of other characters in the nuzlocke later on.
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Pepperthecritic Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this reminds me of video game confessions XD
Piradeux Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, it's been sitting in my box for the last four days. This was a strong piece of a tale as well as a great picture to harmonize with it. Vast had always seemed like the most troubled member so far and I think some people bonded with that. You do a great job of getting all of his emotions across without it being too dark or too cliche. I think the fact he is old fashioned is refreshing (to me at least.) He loved for how love should be and loved Silphe's prescence. She was the light in his dark world and he bathed in her glow. Yes, he wanted to make love to her but that's natural. I think Vast is one of my overall favorite characters because he's deep.

Keep up the great work Chachi. I would love to see more of these confessionals for the team.
That was beautiful
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